What people are saying...

   "I just wanted to let you know that we had a very wonderful time in Israel and absolutely loved our guides whom you hired for us. I have told many friends here about our time and given them your contact information...Thanks again."

   "Thank you, Rami, for being the best tour guide it is possible to have. Best in the world most probably! You enabled my first visit to Israel, with the group BibleTelling, to be a glorious, deeply-meaningful adventure. If anyone else is considering a trip to Israel put yourself in the extremely capable hands of Rami and Philemon Tours. Rami is full of knowledge, wisdom, tact and humor. His stories are fabulous; he is a sincere believer; his knowledge of Israel is superb; and he knows the site of every rest room along the way. What more could anyone possibly want? Thank you Rami!"

   "This was an amazing tour! It brought the Bible to life and gave me a completely new understanding of many of the Scriptures. Rami was an amazing guide and gave me a new perspective. I will be forever grateful for the blessing of Philemon Tours. It truly brought the Bible to life!"  —Toodie

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   "Had an amazing and eye-opening experience touring the Holy Land last week with Philemon Tours and especially grateful for the expertise, experience, humility and joy of Rami Fellemon."

   "We spent 3 wonderful days touring with Philemon tours. We really feel like we got the inside perspective on many Biblical locations. We visited sites like Jesus' birthplace in Bethlehem in the West Bank area as well as all the main sites in Jerusalem and all the details were taken care of so smoothly. We also felt like we got a new perspective on the culture and politics of Israel. Our tour guide, Sami, was always willing to go the extra mile for us. I definitely recommend a Dead Sea tour and the Ein Gedi springs as well as the Dead Sea scrolls and Jericho, including Jesus' baptism site at the Jordan River. Very moving!"  —Jennifer